Over the years the Bed Bug infestation situation has been getting worse in the United States and the number of infestations is on a rapid rise right here in North Florida. This is due to the pesticide DDT that was applied in the 1950’s, finally dissipated and is no longer effective in today’s environment.

Despite their name, bed bugs do not only settle in beds or bedrooms. They can find their way into furniture or any place a human rests, sleeps, or sits. They are best known for being transferred from human to human via hotels, motels, boarding houses, and transported by people via their belongings in suitcases.

Some people react to bed bug bites as they would fleas or mosquitoes with signs such as red welts, itching, and burning but some have an adverse skin reaction to the bite of bed bugs. The resulting irritation of the anti-coagulant chemical around the bite site can be severe, particularly to people with soft sensitive skin. Scratching is difficult to resist but this can cause infection of the bite area.

All About Bugs can ensure safe, effective control of a bed bug infestation using the latest techniques and technology. First, a thorough inspection of the infested area is carried out before any treatment is performed. All potential daytime harborage areas must be located and treated with an insecticide registered for this purpose. Severe Bed Bug problems may take 2 to 3 Service visits.