Oh, that holiday cheer! The time of year that family and friends get together for fellowship and delectable meals that induce the best naps ever! This is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year so don’t let bugs Scrooge it all up for you! When emptying those boxes & bins you’ve had in storage for a year, be mindful that pests may be hitching a ride into your home. Most common insects that tend to take up residence in stored containers are cockroaches, silverfish, and spiders. Of course, storing all your items in air tight containers would prevent possible infestations but we all know it is near impossible to fit everything in such containers. A good alternative would be to empty the containers outside before bringing those stored items into your home. Check each item for insect carcasses, droppings, and webs. Even though you may only see one or two insects, they can reproduce many more in a short period of time. Having a regular pest control service for your home and office year-round is ALWAYS in your best interest but taking preventative measures like this will make your holiday season even brighter!