Certainly lack of cleanliness can contribute to a roach infestation but even the spotless of homes and businesses can fall victim to roaches. Cockroaches can be brought into a home or business by everyday situations such as purchasing used furniture from a home or office that has an existing infestation, boxed items bought from local stores or online purchases shipped to your home that may have been stored in an infested warehouse or transport vehicle, or enter your home through entry points such as small cracks and crevices not sealed well around pipes, doors & windows. Cockroaches can survive a month without food and a week without water. You most definitely want to clean up spilled liquids and food right away, keep food items in airtight containers once opened, and don’t leave dirty dishes out overnight to avoid willingly providing pests with a food source. Also, since cockroaches will nest in stacks of old newspapers, magazines, paper or plastic bags, and corrugated boxes, be sure to recycle such materials rather than leaving them laying around. A female cockroach lays 30-40 eggs at a time and full cycle from egg to adult is 100 days which means once they have found a way into a home or business, they multiply fast. Regardless of how cockroaches get into a home or business, if they do, All About Bugs Inc is just a phone call away to help you get rid of them!