The best way to tell if your grass isn’t getting enough water in areas is folded grass blades. These two pictures of St. Augustine grass show the difference in grass blades receiving enough water and grass blades that are not. To better illustrate, most of the folded grass blades have been circled. You can see how the grass blades fold to try and conserve as much water as possible. Another way you can identify if you have areas that suffer from water deficiency is the elasticity of the grass. Grass should bounce back after being stepped on by an average size adult within about 5 minutes. If the grass remains indented, you should perform a sprinkler check to make sure the area is receiving direct water, and if so, increase your watering to that area. When experiencing times of drought, be sure to mow your lawn on the highest setting recommended for your grass type. The lower you cut your grass, the greater the possibility of dry spots.