We all know pests can enter your home and office through poorly sealed cracks and crevices of both recent and older construction, but you may actually be the one bringing them in. Yes, YOU!
Consider how the items you purchase are either stored or shipped. Most items are shipped by containers on ships, trains, cargo planes, & commercial trucks. They are brought to the local store on wooden pallets to a docking ramp or storage area usually located in the back of the buildings.
Also consider the purchase of used items. Very commonly purchased used items such as clothing, furnishings, and appliances can contain pests such as roaches, bedbugs, ants, moths, etc. Many insects, especially cockroaches, reproduce quickly so an item brought into your home doesn’t have to be crawling with hundreds of insects to cause a problem in your home. It only takes a few at the time you bring the item into your home to become a big issue later. Be sure to inspect items you bring into your house that come in shipping boxes, have been stored away, or are used items.
Also, if you have anything such as outdoor games, pool toys, shoes, lawn furniture, yard & garden tools, etc. that you bring in and out of your home or garage that may have been left outside for several hours or overnight, check them for hitchhiking pests. It’s not uncommon for spiders, ants, or American cockroaches (commonly called Palmetto Bug) to find their way into such items.
Lastly and most importantly, have a professional pest control service treat your home or office on a regular basis. This will help lessen the chance of an infestation and if a pest happens to find its way in, your pest professional will be able to control the issue quickly, safely and effectively.