Living in Florida means you can spend a lot of your time outside enjoying cookouts, pool parties, or just relaxing in a hammock with a tall glass of iced tea without a care in the world. Well, you may not have 99 problems, but you could have one…Mosquitoes!

From the sting of the initial bite to the burning and relentless itching they cause can ruin your outdoor fun! WE CAN HELP! Skip the step of spraying yourself with bug spray and allow All About Bugs Inc to apply an all-natural organic product to your lawn and vegetation monthly to repel mosquitoes!

Mosquitoes seek blood for reproductive purposes and after a female mosquito has had its fill of blood, it seeks water to lay eggs. Even the smallest amount of standing water can become their breeding ground and once they start hatching, more emerges every 7 to 10 days. Mosquitoes enjoy feeding on plant nectar (when they aren’t biting you of course) so they like to hang out in tall grasses, shrubs, and bushes. The thicker the vegetation, the better for them as it also provides a damp, cool spot to escape the heat of the day.

Along with our program and the helpful information below, you can enjoy your outdoor oasis again!

  • Ensure gutters drain properly to prevent them from holding water.
  • Empty standing water from any items left outdoors such as children’s toys, lawn equipment or tools, uncovered recreational items like kayaks, boats, floats, etc.
  • Remove old abandoned/unused appliances, tires, buckets, planters, garbage cans, etc. from yard that will collect standing water.
  • Anything that contains water such as pools, hot tubs, bird baths, and outdoor water fountains should be kept maintained and clean.
  • Keep grass cut and trim vegetation near your home.
  • Ensure outside faucets, hoses, and other water sources have no leaks.